• Pure copper melts at 1,981 degrees Fahrenheit (1,083°Celcius). Superior heat transfer, electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance are its three most important properties.

• Copper is a mineral that plays an important role our everyday lives. It is highly ductile, malleable, electrically conductive and extremely resistant to corrosion. These properties make it an important industrial metal. It’s also a key dietary nutrient, and has antimicrobial properties that are becoming more valued every day for the ability to prevent infection.

• Copper is the 29th element on the Periodic Table. A semi-precious, nonferrous metal, it has hundreds of uses, including electrical and electronics, plumbing, construction, architecture, general industry, transportation and health care.

• Brass and bronze are the most well-known families of copper-based alloys. Brasses consist of copper and zinc, while bronzes are mostly copper alloyed with tin, aluminum, silicon or beryllium.

• C36000, a leaded yellow brass, is extremely easy to machine and has become the benchmark for metals

• Brass is the standard alloy for the manufacture of precision products such as clocks, watches, and navigational instruments because it’s easy to manufacture and machine, and it is highly corrosion resistant.

• Bronze is harder than pure copper, which is why the Egyptians used it for their weapons and tools. It is also famous as the base metal for Egyptian sculptures. Bronze expands when heated—filling nooks and crannies of the mold)—then contracts when it cools, allowing the sculpture to be easily removed from the mold.

• Other copper alloy families include copper-nickel, copper-nickel-zinc, which are often referred to as nickel

Above facts drive our team to deal with copper products with passion and love. It is exactly what we achieved and developing on the daily basis. Sourcing and marketing around the world from mine material to fine product


• Copper residues and wastes
• Smelter secondary materials
• Copper by products
• Concentrates
• Copper Scrap (Granules, Millberry, Candy Berry, Birch Cliff )
• Blister
• Anods
• Cathodes


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