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Commodities have always been difficult and complex products to finance. They typically have low margins and goods are traded cross border in jurisdictions where there may be a lack of trust between counterparties. This means that many financiers are hesitant to work with new or growing companies, as there is knowledge in the fact that if there is a sudden difficulty, shipment problem, quality issue or a counterparty acts incorrectly then it means that a previously profitable trade may cause major and disproportionate difficulty for the company.

Therefore we dedicate a lot of time for market expertize where we are presented that allow us to provide risk management and financial support, including hedging, financing, insurance, and financial products such as pre-export financing and pre-production financing. We rely on our own capital and work closely with financial institutions to ensure smoothly executed transactions.

We also make strategic investments and pre-financings in producing and future mines to support our clients. We want to ensure our client’s success by structuring mutually profitable and safe transactions in an difficult industry.


On this link you will be able to download company presentation in PDF format