Founded in the 2000s as a trading company in oil and gas industry, we have grown to become a major supplier of equipment, such as drilling rigs, tubular products, oilfield and associated equipment to CIS countries, employing more than 200 people around the world. Our Company has a good reputation for its collaboration with reliable and reputable partners, both among clients and manufacturers of the oil and gas equipment.


In 2011 our Executive Board made the decision to diversify our business activities in oil and gas services to provide a wide range of high-quality, capital-intensive services to the oil and gas industry by using advanced Coil Tubing technologies. Through collaboration with one of the leading oilfield services company in Europe – Well Services Group, we have established an independent entity named Esta Well Services. EWS LLC is an oilfield services company that specializes in works increasing production rates and recoverability of reserves in oil and gas fields. Esta Well Services has developed from a small company, that owned one CT fleet, into the company providing services for a dozen of major oil companies; and now it stands as a serious competitor to other participants in the oilfield services market.

New era and philosophy

Several years ago we restructured our company activities of equipment trading to completely other direction of trading physical commodities. We have used our best from knowledge, resources, and connections to create a team of professionals who source and market non-ferrous metals, minerals and energy products. We found our strength in building long-standing relations and cooperation with miners, smelters, recycling companies and refined metal fabricators operating in Europe, CIS, Africa, and Far East Countries. We provide the best services in financing and logistic, with customized solutions for each customer and client. We monitor and control our business to minimize risks related to financial and commodity markets situations, and concentrate on several types of non-ferrous metals, minerals and energy products.



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