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Logistic support is one of the basic needs of today’s global trading. Our own logistics department handle deliveries all around the world, weather it is by ocean or land. We have extensive network with both domestic and international carries. Our highly knowledgeable and dedicated team will study the best solution in order to eliminate any weak points and at the same time to deliver the goods safe and well- timed.

• We handle over 1’000 containers and 2’000 railcars annually.
• We are able to transport various cargo categories.
• Know-how of our international team will inform and support you during the entire process.
• We develop custom made solutions for every delivery of the cargo.
• We are specialists in CIS countries (or Strong presence in CIS countries):
> Transportation of goods by rail from CIS countries to any point in Europe and Asia.
> Shipments on vessels in the Black Sea,
> Transportation by barges to the countries along the Danube River.
> We have our agents and customs brokers in all main Russian ports and border points.
• Chartering of vessels to any seaport of Southern and Northern Europe, North and Latin America, the Middle East and South-East Asia.
• We work with largest Logistics sea ports all around the globe.